Third Eye Blind Can You Take Me Lyrics

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Is the time when we slept on the floor
You said right here right now
Is all I am living for
I got the velocity and all I need now is the mass
I just want you to ask

Can you take me, into days I never knew
Let's start a riot
Let's start a riot me and you
Cause a riot's overdue

And now these days I wonder, why we're holding back on bliss
You blasphemy everything you see, I just want to gi ve you a kiss
I want the infidels head on a pike
Riding on a motorbike
You and me are alike

Make it bigger and wider
I'm your mega collider

Bust you out, I have come to bust you out
I've come
Live in doubt doubt no longer live in doubt
No one
Humbly now, I ask for no resistance
And maybe now, oh just maybe now
We can bridge the distance

Don't back down, don't compromise
Don't close your eyes
Here it is do or die
And you still believe the lie
And the world is for the meek
Well this mouse is going to squek
Yes I am dying to be freaked

Written by: Stephan Jenkins, Tony Fredianelli

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