Ca$his Can I Live Freestyle Lyrics

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Hop in my closet the 22 kicks
No shit turn around to a real cool bitch
Look at my pool and my 2 blue whips
Two blue black whips banging through that six
Flow cold like the flu that's sick
The thick long tube running through that chair
Cash it's own G kush UPS kit
Might pick on the troop she gets on my dick
Strap like I'm scared of a motherfucking rape
By myself go to war with your lil low gang nigga
Street sweeper set right out of
Hating Ali putting on more powder
Got closed casket only thing allowed to you
I feel bad but I couldn't live without
Killing your ass for my dreams are mess
And the thoughts only seem an Alcatraz
Hit the club fucked up the bouncer bad
You know ten boot marks up the crossers ass
'Cause I'm a skinny pretty nigga they be thinking they bad
I'm Ca$his forever be the champion swinger
Like girls that like girls Billie Jean king
I call it like I see a bitch this mean jean
I'm on my king pin Rick Ross the boss
I'm in the Maybach Music Group taking off
Triple CM's if you can get it cheaper
We can get gram broke niggas do the beefing
My technique and speed hotter and wreaks like
Wrecks for the dough revise it like East
Capisci ,capo bring the beauty and the motherfucking beast
Real niggas follow me

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