Too $hort Can I Get a Bitch Lyrics

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Its been a long time kickin' this and everybody knows it
Oaktown still in the house, but I suppose its
Time for some more ****
So yo peep the flow ***** and I'll be
The **********in' host with the most ****
So now you know it ain't a damn thing changed up
Stayin' true to the streets since we came up
So blame us for givin' you the game plus
Much bass now the name is just Dangerous
So here we go, its time for some new ****
From 94 to 95 we can do this
So ***** just love this with no player hatin'
Cause we gets respect all over the nation
Still in this to win this so you can pretend this
Beat this like my **** in yo mouth, until I'm finished
The **** goes on and on and on
But when you gets no promotion
That *** is gone
In the studio all day puttin' in work
Hoes didn't give a **** and man that **** hurts
Used and abused no pain no gain
Sure them hoes tried to play us, but we still in the game

Still in the game, after all these years
Been bumpin' so long I can hardly hear
Still got the same flow that I used to have
You can clown if you want, but don't do it too fast
Cause I'm gone slow it way down, than shoot your ***
And send you want to be pimps, back to class
Cause Ant Banks been making these beats too long
You trying to get with these funky songs
But the formulas patented, we ain't havin' it
Game is all we spit
Keep on mackin' *****
You can't make it hard
Can't tell a ************ how to play this part
Call me Short Dog baby of the Dangerous Crew
Talkin' on the Mobil Ant Banks came through
Ridin' in a brand new Benz
A ***** like that might have a few ends
No **** *****, stupid hoe
You spent your last 10 years in the studio
We ain't no punks
We can't be played
Still in the game, still gettin' paid

You know we got all the hoes
More hoes than Swiss cheese *****
Ant Banks you want to hoe, you want to *****?

Well can I get a ***** (*****)
***** can I get a ***** (*****)
$hort give me a ***** (*****)
Banks jump yo fat *** in the mix

Yeah the **** gets hectic, but you gots to accept it
10 years chillin' in the game, well respected
But check this, some *****s don't give a ****
Never be givin' us props, see we don't stop cause we don't give a ****
We gets paid, so tell me what a ***** know
We hit him low with the bass, than we get more
Number one album, so where the **** you at?
Doing sit-ups, stay off my **** still tryin' to rap
Damn, we never ballin' out of control
We open doors for the **********in' O
Now lets roll
Everybody up cause we all got to get it
And when you get your **********in' chance ***** spit it
So listen to what I'm tellin' G, come with the melody
Or keep yo skin tight so you can have longevity
Like the Bad ***, **** I had to earn that name
Some love it some hate it, but I'm still in the game


Young ***** in the fifth grade, stealin' cigarettes
At ten years old, he was a real vet
Sellin' gold weed, makin' money like a star
Wasn't old enough to drive, but I still bought a car
Ten years later, he was sellin' coke
**** with the ***** he was killin' folks
Had to do a couple of *****s or he would've caught the chrome
Hopped on the plane, straight got gone
10 years on the run, still in the game
Bounce back through the town ain't nothin' change
Caught a murder beef, but the **** was weak
Charges got dropped in less than two weeks
***** went through a lot, but his bank is fat
Tried to catch him up with them wiretaps
But that snitch then told
Its simple and plain
You can clown all you want, but we still in the game

Somebody say ***** (*****)
Somebody say ***** (*****)
Somebody say ***** ***** (***** *****)
Now let me hear y'all scream (ho)
Scream (ho)
Ant Banks and Short Dawg in the house fool and we mackin'

Written by: Anthony Banks, Garry Marshall Shider, George Jr. Clinton, Todd Anthony Shaw, Walter Morrison
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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