Redman Can't Wait Lyrics

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I'm like row row like I have cerebral palsy
My flows be's wet like all you girls drawers be
Crack the dill's spread the Buddha in the hid-ouse
Roll it up and Diddas, who tipped in for the 10 bag
Etcetera, I roll my blunts with two textures
Pick up 50 bags and then I smoke all the extras
It's the truth like funk 180 proof
Don't drop your drawers I'll **** through your daisy dukes, true
Put your fingers up in the air if your high
I walk by, so f-in' dry
I swing up in it 'bout an average as half as
Good as Reggie Jackson's that's why you talk backwards
And touch bills and Bogart **** like Humphrey
You couldn't beat me if you ran with 21 Jumpstreet
Or 90210 **** it yo, in the movies
I'm the ***** puffin' Buddha in the back row

I can't wait to get it on [Repeat 8x]

I'm just a smoky boy, I'm from the land of the lost
You can't see me like Charlie Angel's boss
I'm often coolin' round the Bliddocks
I rock round the Cliddock
My Gliddock cocked from here to 16 for Liddocks
I tried to Thomas if I'm gettin' scopic
I was built like two **** but now I'm butter like Blue Bonnet
Now who got the funk, we got the funk
A yo well, I got the weed, we got the blunt
I never sniff, I used to puff Buddha's in the jail
Back in 88 when it was 20 cent a gram
You couldn't read me in braille, hell
I write my names on walls in smoke spots when I'm buyin' L
The fly guy with force like Luke sky
Down for 8 ball see twa ***** if you fly
The funkadelic been rockin' mic's since the fourth grade
I terminate like X and I terminate like Schwarzenegge'
Dum di dum, rock like Buju Banton
Soup like won ton, **** by the ton
Please, my whole crew's makin' cheese
Tonight's the night baby so suck up on these
And it's on


I said, I catch the A-train to the left, smoke the junk
I set **** off like Boba Fett.
Big up to all my *****'s in the housing projects
I'm Runnin' up in your contingents and split your guts, round and round
If you get scared of my lines when I rock well
Got wits like Pernell, shits the bomb like Akinyele
Rickety rock it, mind be best to knock this
Waste *****'s like toxic, wet like galoshes
Can I handle my biz? Yes you can
I 'cause chaos and bring a lot of def to jams
Yes I can, now ask to get out
Pop the trunk, clu-clunk and now give me a ba-bump ba-bump
Oh, cool, smooth like two blue suede shoes
Y'all ******'s stepped on my Huffman and Coo's
Word to Dan, tan, pillow and cool be
Switchin' speeds like Bruce Lee ridin' a Fuji in a movie
I drop on the one, **** the two three
Funky like a box of Coochies on looseleaf

Yo yo I said
Switchin' up speeds, like Bruce Lee
Ridin a Fuji, in a movie
I've been sayin' some ****
Now, if you didn't get it
Laugh now... And figure that **** out when you get home

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