Saukrates Can't Touch Us Lyrics

The Underground Tapes Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Can't Touch Us
  • 3 Money or Love
  • 4 Bag Da Biscuit
  • 5 Da Professional
  • 6 Keep It Movin'
  • 7 Innovations (remix)
  • 8 Fineline
  • 9 Play Dis 99"
  • 10 Body Language
  • 11 Check for Me
  • 12 Ultimate Rush
  • 13 Rollin'
  • 14 Suga Daddy
  • 15 Bag Da Biscuit (Ain't Nuttin But A...)
  • 16 Vietnam
  • 17 Killed or Be Killed
  • 18 Ay, Ay, Ay.
  • My time to shine, now. I got the floor now
    (Okay, alright. Go man)
    Let me take conrol. A lot of niggas, a lot of niggas out here don't believe
    that, you know, that what I say is worth you know, I guess my weight in
    (I hear you, I hear you. Nah, hell no man, they can't do that man)
    Even though I am who I am and I stay where I stay. you know it don't make
    one motherfucking difference, 'cause I'mma bring it to ya the same way
    another niggas gonna bring it to ya. I'm just as hungry as you. Even
    though, you know what, say it after me, even though I am who I am.
    (Even though I am what I am)
    I am (I am)
    Somebody (Somebody)
    You know waht I'm saying, and that somebody gonna put a brick in ya ass.
    Just check it out.

    [Saukrates] (background "studio niggas")
    Don't believe for a second, a man running ain't
    A man gunning for you, true, indeed
    Love is worth more that gold, but fairs equally sold
    To counterparts and enemies, ya feel me?
    Non-believers try another theory
    But when you fail it's apparent that you didn't hear me, HA
    You feel me? Take a second, fuck a first impression
    We all realize longivity's a dangerous weapon
    Wait a minute, are we forgetting we are MCs
    Putting two to your cranium, often temps me
    I'mma let it go, why? (can't touch us, can't touch us)
    It don't get much straighter than this (can't touch us, can't touch us)
    Love got me positive (can't touch us, can't touch us)
    Ya mafucking right son (can't touch us, can't touch us)
    Black man, black woman coming together
    For love, life, uhh, pleasure
    Guess again, when it's back to community chest again
    Government cheese, starting to taste fresh again
    Ain't it, nah for real ain't it, who cares if this shit's tainted
    We die every second and got more where that came from
    Right? Wrong, I ain't preaching
    Just releasing information non-believers dare to use
    Now this love become fair to you
    What? Your screw face got me thinking I ain't clear to you
    Let me guess, you must have question
    First and foremost, who the fuck this nigga think he testing
    Follow me now, this situation going down
    I don't care, you will respect my name through love or fair
    Niggas call me voice of reason, touch me, trust me
    If I had a nickel for everytime I be lucky
    If I didn't jump a tax bracket
    Bullet proof jackets don't come with warentee covering heat I practice
    Ya feel me? In particular I shine at the rhyme
    Saukrates is the name, one more time if you forgot
    I'mma let it go, why? (can't touch us, can't touch us)
    It don't get much straighter than this (can't touch us, can't touch us)
    'Cause love got me positive (can't touch us, can't touch us)
    This idealistic speach go yo all on crutches
    I am the new ambassador for rap lords
    If I'm speaking out of turn, it's what you asked for
    Question from me to you, what wouuld you rap for?
    If you prefer the fast life running from task force
    Hmm, think about, but never doubt it
    I am a role model living with it never without it
    My mental never getting clouded
    But I admit in the beginning it was crowded
    Huh, so now I spit in the ears of those who listen
    Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Christian
    An Atheist combine my system
    Voltron with the izm coming with one wisdom
    To never attack, react to those who pissed them
    OFF, do what you ought but realize the cost
    'Cause time is money, people and we are running short
    I'm attempted to abort procedure
    But if I leave, the minority picket be "Sauk's we need ya"
    Black man to forbbiden diva
    I'm transmitting on your AM/FM and shortwave receiver
    Try to tune out, even the negative cool out
    Eviction notice on the door of ignorance, MOVE OUT!
    Before I let it go son (can't touch us, can't touch us)
    It don't get much straighter than this (can't touch us, can't touch us)
    'Cause love got me positive (can't touch us, can't touch us)
    Image is nothing when I come busting
    Love may become fear, why? (alright, alright, alright)
    Because I am (I am)
    Somebody (somebody)
    (better get your motherfucking, better get your head right man)
    (Better look in the mirror baby an tell me what the ugly thing you see back
    there baby)
    Capitol Hill
    (Tell me what you see in the mirror. A sorry ass, pussy ass motherfucker)

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