Curtis Mayfield Can’t Say Nothin’ Lyrics

Back to the World Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Back to the World
  • 2 Future Shock
  • 3 Right on for the Darkness
  • 4 Future Song (Love a Good Woman, Love a Good Man)
  • 5 If I Were Only a Child Again
  • 6 Can't Say Nothin'
  • 7 Keep on Trippin'
  • Oh, yeah, one time for me
    Do it

    Do it to me now
    Do it to me now
    Do it, do it, do it
    Do it to me now
    Yeah, yeah

    Can't say nothin'
    Say nothin'
    You know everything
    I'm talking about

    No need to claim it to myself
    When you know everything
    Coming out of my mouth
    I can't say nothin'

    But if you do me wrong all the time
    It won't take too long
    You put a spell on me
    Imagine if you could see

    Just don't make me do my thing
    It can be so hard for me
    Let me give you love
    Let me give you love

    Can't say nothin'

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