The Bacon Brothers Can't Complain Lyrics

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"Actually, I can, and do, and will continue to." KB

He jack of all trades master of none
Seen down the barrel of a teenagers gun
Puts on his makeup in the a.m., pretends to cry, for that they pay him
And his best friend held his head on the night they thought that he was dead
On the dirty, dirty kitchen floor, but he ain't around much anymore

He can't complain, he can't complain
One look and there's no doubt, there's not a damn thing to complain about
It's just a little rain, can't complain

She run run run run run from the east
She run run run run run to escape the beast
Cuts her hair and change her name
Into her life a child came
Helped her escape her past, they all said it would not last
But he took every bit of trust, and he ground it into dust

But she can't complain, she can't complain
She better get those tears off her face, if she wants to stay in this race
It's just a little rain, she can't complain

Here's a letter from my mom and dad
Oh it's lovely here don't you dare be sad
Maybe someday you'll see Greece, maybe someday you'll find peace
It'll be the best damn birthday you ever had
And I can't complain, I can't complain
To complain would just be wrong, unless of course you count this song
It's just a little rain, yeah just a little rain, I can't complain

Can't Complain Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Paris
  • 2 Grace
  • 3 Don't Leave the Love Lamp on for Me
  • 4 Mother Fear
  • 5 Sooner or Later
  • 6 Heart Half Full
  • 7 Can't Complain
  • 8 Light the Way
  • 9 Baby Steps
  • 10 I'm So Glad I'm Not Married
  • 11 Summer of Love (Woodstock '99)
  • 12 She Is the Heart
  • 13 Bus
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