Wooh Da Kid Can't Be My Lady Lyrics

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[Hook x2: Wooh Da Kid]
You should come and fuck with me but you can't be my lady
F.U.C.K.I.N.G., we be fucking crazy
Girl you got me burning up, cooler lips'll cool me off
Going hard, not going soft
She get a lot but crave me more

[Verse 1: Wooh Da Kid]
Don't go through my phone, bitch you know I got pictures
Ho you know I got hoes, looking all through my pictures
Pocket full of rubbers, going all through my pockets
Looking all through my texts, I swear this bitch be jocking
On the phone with her old man, while she getting this new dick
Used to fuck her old friends, she said she love my music
I said I love that pussy baby, you should throw it back
Backwoods and some ganja baby, you should roll this pack
I'm a cut throat, I'm a take that pussy
I'm a break that pussy, I'm a shut shit down
She know I'm the kid, she know I'm the king, I deserve that crown
F.U.C.K.I.N.G., we be fucking crazy
Every time we going hard she pray she have my baby


[Verse 2: Project Pat]
Suck my dick 'bout two times, wanna fuck this dick 'bout four times
You tripping shawty, you not mine
Ain't no cuffing ho, get off my line
Time and time again I had to tell you to stay off my phone
You bugging, just leave me 'lone
I suggest you take your ass home
Shawty got me miss her cause I said I love her pussy
Now she stuck on me, obsessed with me, stalking shit in the bushes
Your Barbie coulda' fooled me, but after jaw shawty you useless
Suck my dick like you was toothless, then blew the top, you roofless
Top five shawty, she the truth with it
Sloppy jaw, she loose lips
Finger in the butt, she cool with it
Spray her in the face like Cool Whip
F.U.C.K.I.N.G., we be fucking crazy
Fucked her with a rubber on, you can't have my baby


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