Cameo Cameo's Dance Lyrics

Style Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Aphrodisiac
  • 2 This Life Is Not for Me
  • 3 You're a Winner
  • 4 Can't Help Falling in Love
  • 5 Interlude (Serenity)
  • 6 Style
  • 7 Cameo's Dance
  • 8 Let's Not Talk Slot
  • 9 Slow Movin'
  • 10 Heaven Only Knows
  • Everybody jam everybody jam

    ** If you dig the rhythm why don't you dance
    It makes you just really happy complete or judge
    If you got a problem i'll make it your less
    Just dance like you can get down can be yours, dance
    We got the vibes in the feet from the people we meet
    Come if you wanna take a peak be discreet
    We got the crowd through the gate
    We've gotta find a way to get our head off every single day

    * Repeat

    #Just do what you do cuz everybody you know
    they're just gonna Like what you do
    Make your body work work
    If you dance like a fool yet it'll still be a fool
    You're doing fine & you're right on time

    * Repeat
    ** Repeat
    * Repeat
    # Repeat

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