The Jacka feat. Mistah F.A.B. Callin' My Name Lyrics

Tear Gas Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Summer
  • 2 Just a Celebrity
  • 3 Glamorous Lifestyle
  • 4 Greatest Alive
  • 5 They Don't Know
  • 6 Dream
  • 7 Won't Be Right
  • 8 Keep Calling
  • 9 Girls
  • 10 Scared Money
  • 11 Get It In
  • 12 What's Your Zodiac
  • 13 Dopest Forreal
  • 14 Callin' My Name
  • 15 What Happened to the World
  • 16 The Movement
  • 17 Storm
  • 18 Our Heroes
  • 19 All Over Me
  • [Intro - Mistah F.A.B]
    This song goes out to all them hustlers out there..
    Tryna leave the game man, you know
    Keep callin' em back

    [Verse 1 - Mistah F.A.B]
    When I wake up in the morning, you know what I see?
    The world is a ghetto, smokin' on D
    My little cousin 13, strung out on E
    Can't blame him, his mama on C
    O-K-E, 27 but she look like a old lady
    Gring grind, fuck working at Old Navy
    Rather slang girl, and make the world go crazy
    Who am I? Man I ain't no better
    Just a young nigga lost tryna get this chedda
    Staring out the window, wishing on a shooting star
    Tryna get dumb money, go and buy a stupid car
    Pray to the Lord, tryna heal my flaws
    Dialing to the Heavens, hope he hear my cause
    Wanna leave the game but I'm stuck and I'm trapped
    So I call on my nigga Jack

    [Hook x2]
    Tryna leave the game but it's callin' my name...

    [Verse 2 - The Jacka]
    This rap shit'll have you in a hole like 300
    Kick a black nigga down the hole like 300
    Twist an eighth in the back with boy and breath on it
    Down to my last nick, bout to cop a quarter kick
    All the real niggas see, I'm still out'chea
    They like be rappin when I'm trappin, I'm a real nightmare
    White T's, blue jeans, Nikes all I wear
    Lost a nigga to a gun shot, I been there
    Killed a nigga for a small amount, life ain't fair
    Coke white leather seats, 40 Glock under there
    Catch a sucka in the traffic then I'm aiming at his head
    Ran back to the game, became a millionaire
    Hit a lick on my connect, I got so much shit for sale
    I'm on my nigga Michael bout to take the streets back
    Rainbow fish scale, the coke feel is all I know
    Islam help me let it go
    When times get hard, it's the game that I'm running to
    Many niggas die from the D that I'm running through
    What would the prophet do? So Al-salam
    Got the world in my palm
    Somethin' bout the streets got my heart and my mind
    Up with the beats, fuck school, I'm on a grind
    Got slap in the Benz, my nig lets ride around
    Fresh out the lab with the new shit, nigga check out the sound

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