Martina Sorbara Call Wolf Lyrics

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You try to open me up like a music box
You think you'll here some sweet song
I just erupt like vesuvius
Like you said something horribly wrong
Why is it
The one I get fed up with
Is the one that I can't do without
You're nothing but good to me
And I keep exploding
Can't even remember what it was about
Call the authorities
Call the powers that be, yeah
Call security
and tell them what's happened to me, yeah
It's like I was stuck In this amusement park
And I am less amused all the time
It's like I played all the games
And went on all the silly rides
Feel like I went up too high
I was spun round too many times
'Cause I can't help feeling sick
And tired
Call the paramedic
Get some one to do something, yeah
Call a mechanic
I think I'm malfunctioning, yeah
Call wolf
Call wolf,
Yeah, yeah.
Call horror, call terror, call bloody murder
Call wolf

Written by: Adam Hay, Martina Sorbara
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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