Dag Savage feat. Fashawn , Co$$ & Tiombe Lockhart Cali Dreamin Lyrics

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I woke up in the Spring[x2]

Yo yo, woke up in the city as a derelict, the ghetto is my narrative
Never been the same after Pa and Ma had a split
Stuck between the bangers and the Sunday morning terrorists
Before I go to bed I kneel and say a prayer in Arabic
Product of the negligence, niggas having mad rumbles
Remember when Junior hit T boney with the brass knuckles
Fronting like they hard, just the other day they ran from you
California dreaming life mad/nightmares of this man's struggle
With Mom it was mad hustle even though we fatherless
She fifteen (15) years clean from the alcohol anonymous
Never had a trade or got a chance to get her Doctorate
She California dreaming, tryna mend these broken promises
Fuck the world and it's politics cause life is not a movie
Paint a picture on the wall and try to radiate the beauty
Ah, yea ! my Cali niggas stay on the grind
Another day another dollar in the 619
And I...

Swear some nights I don’t sleep
Cause the weight of the world feel like the weight of my sheets
Cali streets wasn’t meant for the humble or the meek
More of a jungle where we hunger for peace, crumble up leaves
The hood life, good life I’m stuck in between
Wishing I could get my brothers a dream, something pushing us back, like we swimming upstream
If I take another route will I make it out? can’t help but doubt cause
It’s a struggle and reality bites they'll either hand you a pistol, or pass you a mic or some Nikes
And a jersey, tell you shoot like Kobe
Meanwhile, I’m drowning in this bottle of OE, thinking bout how I got a daughter to feed
And will I be around to water my seed? just a thought
So much on my mind as I sit and unwind another day another dollar in the 559
And I'm...

Undefined, lost in LA Times tryna figure out my purpose everyday on this Earth
What’s my meaning? when Cali senseless the caught my nukka slipping on the Ave
Now his face on the shirt
Leimert - Another day, in, word
To them bangers
That be stacking up that paper in exchange for the work
A thousand planets, a trillion tons, mass of the Sun
Wouldn't equal to my burden or the weight of my hurt
You ever stood on my turf you know about them true O's
Them rolling them 30s and 40s be riding on them deuce fours in my hood
That don't reflect the sentiment in my heart
When the blocks is hard as times are we gotta see beyond that
A city made insane by the gangs killed my pops
I used to say the city gave him AIDS so much on my brain it replays and repeats
Another day another dollar in the tres deuce three
And I...

[Tiombe Lockhart]
I woke up in this world
California ...dreaming[x2]

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