Ultramagnetic MC’s Bust the Facts Lyrics

Funk Your Head Up Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Introduction to the Funk
  • 2 Intro
  • 3 MC Champion
  • 4 Go 4 Yourz
  • 5 Blast From the Past
  • 6 Funk Radio
  • 7 Message From the Boss
  • 8 Pluckin’ Cards
  • 9 Intermission
  • 10 Stop Jockin’ Me
  • 11 Dolly and the Rat Trap
  • 12 The Old School
  • 13 Bust the Facts
  • 14 Murder and Homicide
  • 15 You Ain’t Real
  • 16 Make It Happen
  • 17 I Like Your Style
  • 18 Bi-Lingual Teaching
  • 19 Poppa Large
  • 20 Moe Love on the 1 and 2
  • 21 Porno Star
  • 22 The P.M.R.C. ID
  • 23 Chorus Line, Part 2
  • A yes yes y'all, and you don't stop
    You're listening to the sounds of the best MC in the world, Kool Keith

    I got a flyer in my hand, Bambaataa with Cold Crush
    The place is packed, with Johnny Wa and Rayvon
    Lovely ladies smelling sweet with a lot of Avon
    Jazzy Jay by my side, Charlie Chase behind me
    Flash and Theodore, super cuts that blind me
    "Catch a Groove" is the rhythm, spinning back and forth
    From the East and the Valley, swinging back up North
    Towards the South Bronx, to Cedar Park and Webster
    The speakers are pumping, power bass is thumping
    With the Ultra mega amp, keeping pep up jumping
    From side to side, the double meters have peaked
    They had some good MC's, a lot of them they was weak
    They had no style with no metaphor, no voice to speak
    Melle Mel had the best rhymes, ranking with Caz
    Kool Moe tried to get down, but I made him sit down
    With that metaphor quickness, you bite and you bit this
    Stop and go turn, see the flame and go burn
    To ashes to ashes, dust to dust
    Seven years later toy you still crusty crust
    Your old rhymes are rust, very dirty and dusty
    And under your arms you're kicking power and musty
    Get out of my way, and let the rhythm path roll
    Let me run up the charts, freak a rhyme turn gold
    While you're listening, I throw a buzz in your ear
    Bust the facts!

    Go swing a partner around, dosey-dosey
    Like musical chairs and ring around the rosie
    The party you pay see, Kool Herc with Jay Cee
    The Herculoids battle, The Disco Twins
    Funky rhymes with breakbeats, the DJ spins
    For the L Brothers, stepping right in the scene
    Mean Gene was maxing, Rockin Rob went to work
    While the tables would turn, the old needles used to jerk
    With the belt drive, Technics and B-1's
    With the orange light shining, the red on D-1's
    Direct drive and Nova, I'm chilling with G.L.O.B.E
    Mr. Biggs and Pow-Wow, Monk and Superman
    Pulling out that Olde E, that funky funky 40 ounce
    Ikey C from Cosmic, the bass bottom bounce
    Red Alert in the booth, the T-Connection to mix
    Silly rabbit.. you know my style has tricks
    To go on, to the next line, to the break of dawn
    While I move up step, to the early early morn
    With a hip-hop drink and some rhyme popcorn
    Never smoking or sniffing or ever joking or riffing
    Because it's time to plex more, and rhyme fantastic
    Dota-Rock and Whipper Whip, neither rapper was plastic
    Back in the days, you had to be so sarcastic
    To stretch out a rhyme, and make it double elastic
    You learn new jack, step back and be wack
    You know what time it is boy, and every mic I smoke
    Bust the facts!

    Later on at the Boys Club, while time excel
    I got a name for your brain that surely rings a bell
    Patti Duke had the nice hands, swift with Billy Boy
    Playing James Brown records, you stupid you silly boy
    Bongo Rocking, hard where the rhythm go
    You fake and pass, Busy Bee give and go
    To the AJ Skratch, a funky beat that matched
    With a two-second break, that was hard to catch
    DST was mixing, slicing with his elbows
    Freaking the wheels, looping rhymes, here we go
    To the master faster, speed up and go faster
    Turn my JVC to mega power and blast a
    Mario tape, yes The Disco King
    Where the beats had the funky drums, no new jack swing
    Happy rappers with polka dots, were bound to get stuck
    You had the Zulus the Nine Crew, you're pushing your luck
    The Casanovas was maxing all scheming to duck
    You had The Black Spades, plus The Savage Skulls
    Gangbanging was over, neither crews exist
    They got a job and a wife, a pretty woman to kiss
    So on the rhymes kept rolling, straight up into disco
    Eddie Cheeba with Sweet G, and back up to Cisco
    Afrika Islam, with the Great Love Squids
    Spinning high-top beats, can you check it, you dig
    Kool Keith out smoking, my lyrics are hot
    Bust the facts!

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