Necro Bury You With Satan Remix Lyrics

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Brand new necro
Bury You with satan remix
New verse

Yo Yo

(Hook) x1
Bury you with satan
Bury you with satan
Death is in your future

I'm gettin outrageous on you
Pullin razors on you
Blazin' on you
Twelve gauges on you
The ways I print your veins on you

I'll warn you
I'll bring euthanasia upon you
On some shocking Asia shit
Split your face
And spit on your corpse
You're a goner...
Wrapped, stabbed flesh
Jooksed Quick
And grab your neck
Bludgeon You
Bloody, Buddy
You Stupid?...
What's after death?

You must be after gettin half your body cut in half
And after the Aftermath of the Bloodbath
I'll have my laughter

You stupid fucks will catch crew cuts
A chainsaw
Take the top of your brain off
Stabbin the two nuts
Of a Ku Klux...
With Scalpels

My rap will leave you shackled
My rap is like crack inside a capsule
I'll shove an axe in you
Where your axel

Your main Point
Your midsection
Where your ribs are flexin'
Infested with injections
You can't get rid of the infection

Kid you're destined for the death
Dead walkin
Fleshin' talkin
Walkin through the streets dressed
Being a corpse is next

Make a mistake
A blade will take ya life away
Leave you decayed inside a lake
And break your neck down to the spinal blade

The gore shit I kick is sick
Cause I'm a bitter kid
I'll stick and Vic you bitch
Rip you to pieces
Pick you out a ditch

Go devour Dick you coward
Catch a thousand hits around your skull
You won't get yourself Known'
Bitin our shit

Niggas know who did it
Kid you did it
Kickin it like you bit it
You never lived it
Kick in his head
Til' it splitted

Open and liquid
Soakin a hemoglobin ocean
You're a victim
You're no one
I see him scopin
I choke him

(Hook) x4
Bury you with satan
Bury you with satan
Death is in your future

Listen to the rugged shit
Your jugular slit
Wit’ razor’s quick
I’m sick
I only kick amazing shit
You diss, you buggin’ bitch
You better wake up
Before we dead you
And break up your face
You’re a disgrace
And you’ll get taped up
Tortured, murdered, replaced
I be the perverted word smith
You’re bird shit
You heard it
I said it
Satanic I’ll set it
Anybody can get it
You’re not exempt from contempt
You beat me? You dreamt
You a sleepin’, dozing
You be bleedin’
I’m a frozen, frigid cold cretin
Immaculate packin’ the hatchet in my jacket
Back it the fuck up, you bitch
You get cut up in fractions during action
Gore aficionado
Rip your body open with a bottle
That’s broken
You’ smoking full throttle
Hit wit’ a shotty

I get vexed
You dead necks
Butcher you
Mushin’ you
Senseless violence is endless
When I bring it
Aint’ much you can do
Psychological with the demonic pull
Reelin’ you into sin
Peelin your skin
Like a psychotic bull

(Hook) x4
Bury you with satan
Bury you with satan
Death is in your future
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