The Futureheads Burnt Lyrics

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When he called her name, they could go anywhere
(Then he went somewhere alone)
Then he changed his voice, to a more serious tone
(She's alone, he's alone)
So she goes somewhere else, as well, and she gets herself involved, with someone else
(Can you tell where this is going?)

Wanna help them out? Then hear them out

Got burnt, third degrees
Never learnt my lesson
But forgive me please
Nothing lasts forever and nothing is free
Please remember to let me down gently

There are people
Climbing over walls
(Just to see how she is feeling)

And they know
They know it's worth the sweat
(When they see what she is doing)

If you hear her shout, then please look up

[Chorus x3]

Written by: Barry Hyde, David Craig, David Hyde, Ross Millard
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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