Stavesacre Burning Clean Lyrics

Friction Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Threshold
  • 2 Loader
  • 3 At the Moment
  • 4 Suffocate Me
  • 5 Minus
  • 6 Devil
  • 7 Tranewreck
  • 8 Burning Clean
  • 9 Anna Thema
  • 10 Stars & Clouds
  • and we're alone again
    what name will your heart speak?
    what is true? what is real?
    not what you feel
    what you know eternally

    ten years running blind and aimlessly
    warming by the fires of bridges burning
    ten thousand peering eyes that can only see
    the show, the smile, the face i allow
    how many more break beneath the surface?
    young and bold, but blind and led by blind
    His person missed beyond His name
    was this the hope when we began?
    a tragic generation
    of faithless children and forgotten love?
    i know i'd hoped for some other, higher purpose

    what is true and what is real
    past what you might feel
    what do you know eternally?
    and when this fleeting limelight fades
    and we're alone again
    what name will your heart speak?

    and if you see me on the way down
    would you smile and send me on my way?
    and if you see me headed down
    is there something more between
    you and i?

    something higher
    something higher
    i want to be real again
    i want You, Father, be real in me
    and if i see you on the way down
    i'll lift your name up up into His care
    and if i see you headed down
    i'll do what i can to lift you up again

    burn us clean, refine this world away
    make Yourself real to me
    make us to live as You would

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