The Damned Burlgar Lyrics

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BURGLAR - The Damned

b-side of Smash It Up 7" (Chiswick/Big Beat Records 1979)


Here we go now!

I'm a villain I'm a rogue

I'll nick your wallet or garden gnome

I'm a bounder I'm a cad

An open window I'm in your home

I'll have your tools or kiddies toys

An unlocked safe - a joy of joys

I'll be the gasman or a toad

I'll have your telly or garden hose

While I'm skulking in the dark

I'll stroke your dog so he won't bark

I won't disturb your happy dreams

But if you wake up don't start to scream

I'll nick anything removable

From the QE2 to the toilet paper in the Houses of Parliament

I'll even have the milk off your doorstep

Or the skin off a baby seal's back

'cause I'm a real villan (played backwards)

Don't stop the papers or the milk

Don't warn your neighbours or the bill

I'm a stealer I'm a crook

Read about me in Mickey's book

Burglary is the life for me

Burglary is the life for me

People say that crime don't pay

I drink champagne every day

And the good lord said 'thou shall not steal'

There is only one path and that is the straight and narrow

It's a bit too bleeding straight and a bit too narrow for my liking

Once thou fallen off

Ok guv - it's a fair cop

Throw on the bracelets

Chink chink oh god I'm nicked

I sentence you to six months... ( bastard magistrates )

Take him away
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