1-800-Zombie Burger Party! Lyrics

Holy Shit Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Holy Shit
  • 2 200ths Time the Charm
  • 3 Boner Jamz, Volume 1
  • 4 Unicorn
  • 5 Crip Walken
  • 6 Burger Party!
  • 7 Yo Shit Is Wack
  • 8 Doctor Sif
  • 9 The Long Shot
  • 10 Taco Party!
  • 11 Heart and Seoul
  • You are invited
    To the hamburger party
    Meat patty n cheese
    Give me some more please

    I need a dollar!
    For the Value Meal!
    I need a burger!
    I'm getting desperate here!

    I've got 14 cents and it's not even funny
    I don't think I've ever been quite this hungry
    I'm almost out of time, I think I'm losing too much weight
    I haven't had a burger in about 2 days


    500 burgers and a Super Size fry
    Coke with no ice in a super golden cup
    1000 burgers, to McDonald's I'll crawl
    Seriously, I'm gonna eat them all

    6 billion burgers
    I'm really hungry
    8 billion burgers
    All in my tummy


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