Raven Bump Lyrics

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Ha, get on the floor, here we go,
Turn the bump in here,
OOoOoOoO, get on the floor, come on,

Too low,
Turn it up some more,
Too chill,
To get us on the floor,
Hot jam, where’s the volume at?
Make it loud, loud as it can get,
You say bump up the grove (you say)
808, makes you move (it makes you move)
so big, we all start to shake (come on)
you like all you can take (uh ohhh)


you say you wanna get a lil bump in here
shaking the room, give it the boom,
you say you wanna get a lil bump in here
its all good, you gotta listen when the girl’s say
everybody get a lil bump in here,
level to ten, bump it again
Say you wannna get a little bump in here
It's all good
You gotta listen when the boys say

phatt beat,
like to feel the drops,
dj, never gonna stop

The heat is on
Turn it up some more
I know what you're waiting for
You say bump up the jam
Push it, loud as you can
So big, house starts to shake
Volume, walls start to break

Repeat chorus

Bump it in the big ride...gotta get the party on
Ready for the good time...we'll be jammin all night long
Even in the head phones...gotta get it loud enough
Never keep it too low...put it on the big ones and pump it up

Repeat chorus 3 times
Thanks to josephine k. for submitting Bump Lyrics.

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