The The Bugle Boy Lyrics

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The country is riddled with social ills & aches,
But my heart is calmed by her embrace,
I'm trying to tell something to the world,
- But my words are slurred & slow,
Have you ever been caught up in a dream,
where your legs were froze.
I was left alone, with my thoughts and my guitar.
But it felt hopeless,
Like the desire of the moth - for the star.
Sometimes... nothing seems unreal,
this strange little boy said
";Mister, play us your guitar"; & I said -
";No... I can't";
& put my geetar, in the car-
Listening to the music of heaven & earth,
Have you ever thought you were the
- Most important thing in the universe.
I didn't know whether to strengthen my
Weaknesses - or play to my strengths.
I was trapped in the triviality of
- everydayness.
I said.
";There's magic in my head, girl.
but I only use it when I'm depressed";
I don't suppose she heard me.
She was too busy admiring her dress.
I said - just young - & - well intentioned,
Who can save us now.
- the world rots...
I did know the secret of the universe
... only I forgot!!

Written by: Matt Johnson
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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