Skeeter Davis Broomstick Cowboy Lyrics

The Closest Thing to Love Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 Keep Baltimore Beautiful
  • 2 Country Girl
  • 3 Little Arrows
  • 4 They Don't Make Love Like They Used To
  • 5 Broomstick Cowboy
  • 6 Baby Sweet Baby
  • 7 Hold Me Tight
  • 8 Angel of the Morning
  • 9 I Say a Little Prayer
  • 10 Born to Love You
  • 11 Love Love Love
  • 12 Closest Thing to Love (I've Ever Seen)
  • You're no longer my broomstick cowboy riding the make believe trail
    And all my girlish tricks they used to work somehow they now seem to fail
    Why couldn't time just slow up why do we have to grow up so soon
    Gone are the days of my broomstick cowboy roping your imaginary steers
    It seem just like only yesterday you brushed away my first tears
    Now you shy away from my touch as time change just that much so soon
    Straddlin' fences deep around corners playin'
    Bang bang shoot 'em up hidin' in the hay
    Time is a thief and a bad ol' meaner stealing all our games away
    I thought you'd always be my broomstick cowboy you'd always be my very own
    It's funny how time just seems to slip away you don't miss it till it's all gone
    Oh how tall you stay in you've grown into a man so soon
    Oh how tall you stay in you've grown into a man so soon

    Written by: Bobby Goldsboro
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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