Suffocation Brood of Hatred Lyrics

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Shapeless beings of unknown origin.
Scanning the cosmic blackened abyss.
Planting the seed of their horror and hatred.

Mankind was created to be violent and sick.

Feasting on the screams of the pain we inflict.
Led down the path of our own extermination.

They plant a device to watch us all.
To see the way we will evolve.

Tampering with the subconscious.
They hold our fate.
Twisting the minds of the people.
With whom they create.
Breeding our lives with insanity.
To purge my spirit's enslavery.
They're feeding off of our hatred.
They will then devour.

Withdraw our life's blood from within us.
To reproduce their own kind.

Infant of theirs to vanquish life.
The brood of hatred now swells within.

Your lives begin to decimate.
Provoking horror, dealing our fate.

Put here only to replenish the substance.
In which they need.
And now you see all hope is lost and gone.
To reveal reincarnation.

Written by: Chris Richards, Doug Bohn, Doug Cerrito, Frank Mullen, Terrance Hobbs
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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