Focal Point Broken Bonds Lyrics

Suffering of the Masses Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Inception
  • 2 When I Die
  • 3 Suffering of the Masses
  • 4 Broken Bonds
  • 5 Homicide
  • 6 Enraged
  • 7 Neglected
  • 8 No Return
  • 9 Upright
  • 10 Deception
  • 11 Attainment
  • You were such a friend
    I tore this bond apart
    I need you back
    I've broken the bond that made us strong
    I took a knife, and cut you from my life
    regret, remorse, I want to erase
    a plea for your friendship, spoken to your face
    wait, come back to me
    wait, come back to my life
    wait. Accept my apology
    wait, receive my forgiveness
    help me relieve, the tension in our lives
    try to forget the evil in the past
    mend these broken bonds, mend these broken bonds
    I've lied to your face, stabbed you in the back
    I'm helpless without your presence
    wait, come back to my life
    come back to my life
    I need you back, I need you back
    back in my life

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