The Elected British Columbia Lyrics

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Hasn't seen her friends in a while
Plus British Columbia's real nice this time of year
And when she gets there she says that she'll phone
May take a day or so
It always takes longer than you think it will to settle in
And she says:
So if I leave on that plane,
remember me by our good days
And you don't have to but I'm going to wait
There's something wrong with the dog
She can't stop eating on herself
And the scabs that are under her fur,
mean that I've been away too long
And I should really give her away
to a good heart, in a better place
I'm going to miss you when you go
You'll do better than this home
Someone to take you on walks, show you off
Before it's too late
At best you'll be blind and gray
A warm climate for your last days
Should have never let her go,
but you were always better alone
Some people never learn until it's too late


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