Maestro Fresh‐Wes Bring It On (remix) Lyrics

“Naaah, Dis Kid Can’t Be From Canada?!!” Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I’m Drinkin’ Milk Now
  • 2 Check My Vernacular
  • 3 Pray to da East
  • 4 Certs Wid Out da Retsyn
  • 5 Mic Mechanism
  • 6 Makin’ Records
  • 7 Fine Tune da Mic
  • 8 Brown Sugar
  • 9 How Many Styles
  • 10 “Dat’s My Nigga!!”
  • 11 Higher Level
  • 12 Bring It On (remix)
  • 13 Make It for the Ruff
  • 14 “Dat’s My Nigga!!” (instrumental)

  • [Maestro Fresh Wes]
    My poetry is black like Jesus
    You niggas can't see this, my metaphorical thesis, breezes
    Past all you niggas with your silly shitty poems
    You're faker than a hoe with titties filled with silicone (uh huh)
    Well I'm a glock and you're a slingshot
    When I'm done you'll want to quit, you want to fling rock
    Well, I'll be cruising by, you'll never see a smoother guy
    Niggas getting smoked just like the Buddha tye
    I'm rocking well like Orson, scortching on the porchin'
    Of course I'm forced to like my man Shawn Morrison
    Here's a small portion with no distortion
    But niggas always on my fucking dick like foreskin
    They want to swallow my gism (yeah)
    They must be on a mission (uh huh)
    I need a circumcision on the mic mechanism
    Maestro's the true boss, you and your crew lost
    Before you fuck around you better fuck with Blue Cross
    I'm leaving dumb niggas homeless, domeless
    I'm proneless, so don't try to clone this
    Style or procedure, because I ain't even trained(?) yet
    I bank a check with attitude like Antoinette
    I'm still smoking whether I open or close the shoews
    Like Shabba Ranks, I got trailer loads of hoes (ahh yeah)
    The mega don, everywhere I get it on
    I fucked every colour, now they call me Benetton
    Black and the white, red and the bronze, even a Chinese ying
    All kinds of skins, man I shine like a diamond ring
    You feel around I'm the man with the meanest song
    Not a new jack but I got more dope than Nino Brown
    'Cause I'm a striver, a hip hop survivor
    Me and the microphone is like my nuts and your saliva
    Yeah, Fresh Wes swinging along, Showbiz is on the remix
    I'm bringing it on

    CHORUS [Maestro Fresh Wes]
    Yes yes y'all ( yes y'all)
    I got flesh y'all (flesh y'all)
    I'm Fresh Wes y'all (Fresh Wes y'all)
    I'm going to bring it on (bring it on)
    Yes yes y'all (yes y'all)
    I got flesh y'all (flesh y'all)
    I'm Fresh Wes y'all (Fresh Wes y'all)
    I'm going to bring it on (bring it on)

    [Maestro Fresh Wes]
    Yo make way
    Make a, make a, make a, make away
    Fresh Wes is going to breaka, breaka, break way
    From the rags to the riches
    I'm giving bitches Different Strokes like Todd Bridges
    Mister Maest, they cast me out, how ya like me now
    You want to raise your eye brow
    Then you want to bow, 'cause you're awning my phonics
    Shines like a comet, more dope than hydroponics (ahh yeah)
    Guys are on it, girls be on my pubics
    For two licks, I check my pharmacutics (do this)
    You want to know who's the newest
    With the blues like Hill Street, or more news than Huey Lewis
    Like boy blue blew all day, enough of these curds and whey
    Well this nigga don't play
    Do yourself a favour and don't fuck with Wesley
    And save that 'I gotta have it' shit for Pepsi
    I break like Gretzky, the mic ain't Wayne's World
    My rhymes guarenteed to kill a nigga and tame girls (ahh yeah)
    So don't front, just applause it
    Like Michael J, said 'put that dibby dibby shit in the closet'
    With a chimpanzee and a rhino
    If my dick was alcohol all you kids would be winos (ohh yeah)
    Because you love my condution
    I don't mind of you suck it, just ease up on the suciton
    While you're down there, hum on my left one
    Make my right one jealous, Fresh Wes is the best one
    But don't be greedy share the rest with the class
    Like Gangstarr said, 'just take two pulls then pass'
    Yeah, Fresh Wes is just swinging along
    Showbiz in on the remix, I'm bringing it on


    [Maestro Fresh Wes]
    You wack MC's is like a case of clamydia
    It's one big pain in the ass to get rid of ya
    When I hit the scene I'm more brutal than Rikers
    Killing motherfuckers like I'm chilling with strikers
    Time to let a trend setter, smooth like amaretta
    With a vendetta and a go getter, with a better metaphor
    Kick, oh flip, when I flow quick they forfeit
    They so shit (oh yeah)
    I make the fatter profits with the badder topics
    I cant' stop it, what I drop is catastrophic
    Good grief, why you trying to beef geef
    Is that your face or does your ass got teeth (oooo)
    Don't try bombing me, harming the economy
    'Cause this nigga is a don like Sean Connery
    I got the bad bitches want to have sex, uh
    I gas them like Exxon, then I put the next on
    Everybody knows Mr. Maest raps steady
    Before stepping to me get an ice pack ready
    Yeah, I'm getting sick and tired of the fuckery
    After this jam, all ya niggas will be sucking me
    Oh yeah, ot goes down like that
    Word up, Fresh Wes bringing it on
    Show B-I-Z on the remix
    As we flow on 1992-93 and beyond
    Word up as we kick the flavour
    I'm out

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