E-40 Bring the Yellow Tape Lyrics

The Mail Man Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Real Shit
  • 2 Neva Broke
  • 3 Bring the Yellow Tape
  • 4 Practice Lookin' Hard
  • 5 Where the Party At
  • 6 Captain Save a Hoe
  • 7 The Mail Man
  • 8 Playa Hater
  • Bring it pleaseYeah bring itBring the yellowTape why? im goingTo chitchat againC.i.a is
    goingBring your yellowTape yeah bring itoh
    stop woringI realy want to goJust do itOverJust do itOver& over agian
    C.I.A Is going
    bring your yellow
    tape yeah bring it
    ^^^oh stop woring^^^
    i realy want to go

    just do it
    just do it
    & over agian

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