Redman feat. Double O , D-Don , Roz & Shooga Bear Bricks Two Lyrics

Malpractice Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Roller Coaster Malpractice (intro)
  • 2 Diggy Doc
  • 3 Lick a Shot
  • 4 Let's Get Dirty (I Can't Get in da club)
  • 5 WKYA (Drop)
  • 6 2-Way Madness (skit)
  • 7 Real Niggaz
  • 8 Uh-Huh
  • 9 Da Bullshit
  • 10 Who Wants to Fuck a Millionaire (skit)
  • 11 Enjoy da Ride
  • 12 Jerry Swinger Stickup (skit)
  • 13 J.U.M.P.
  • 14 Muh-Fucka
  • 15 Bricks Two
  • 16 Wrong 4 Dat
  • 17 Judge Juniqua (skit)
  • 18 Dat Bitch
  • 19 Doggz II
  • 20 Whut I'Ma Do Now
  • 21 Soopaman Luva 5, Part I
  • 22 Soopaman Luva 5, Part II
  • 23 Smash Sumthin'
  • Hey man, hey man, yeah go 'head with that man
    Just rhymin over here man
    Hey go 'head, go get drunk *****
    Ayyy, go smoke yo' weed *****
    Yo, go drink yo' forty **********aaaah
    It's Brick City dawgs over here
    We gon' take it down like this, yo, D-Don, Don..

    It's bone-afficial my nizzle
    D-Don got issues, and a type team that dismiss you
    Oh boy! I gets more +Chips+ than +Ahoy!+
    I got toys that deploy, I just aim and destroy
    I keeps it gully in a bonafide skully
    I ain't never had a hit but still get props like Nelly
    I'm platinum in streets I got, love in the streets
    And I'm more underground than your, basement concrete
    Braids in my hair, gold still in my teeth
    Still, bringin the beef if you're, bringin me grief
    I, rat-a-tat-tat it like one-two one-two
    **** my **** back and let off on your whole crew
    I'm Brick City baby twenty-fo'/seven
    A project ***** that's, tryin to see heaven
    I done ran through hell with gasoline drawers on (AOWW!)
    I'm the portrait of a hustler, and once again it's on
    I still got money buried in my back yard
    I'm Bumpy like Johnson, they call me D-Don
    My ****'s so dope when you smoke you nod
    And I spit that **** that leave you holy like the song

    Yo.. we from the place where they pump out D and steal cars
    Kids wild wave at you and smile you feel large
    like they cut, and you got the power to heal scars
    Never down cause the underground crown is still large
    See I rap for a livin, probably rap 'til I die
    If you dope, where you been at? Your raps is a lie
    I'm all real, the one, the raw deal
    Do tour, come home, do a flick for four mill'
    What the hardcore heads on the block would call ill
    Never catch me at the ball-out spot with small bills
    Innovative rapper, rhyme in new ways
    When I spit *****z cough up blood for two days
    Never catch me with material girls, they fugaz'
    Rather bounce with a short chickenhead in blue shades
    'Til the day I'm rich like Bruce Wayne
    I'ma kick raps like pimps blew game
    Ridin through your block with six new chains on
    Pullin over droppin H-bombs
    No doubt I got it locked Sanford Ave. to Penn Station
    Chancellor to Central a thousand men waitin

    [Chorus - 2X w/ minor variations]
    Jersey that's whassup (whassup yo?)
    You heard me light the Dutch (smokin weed)
    Rock on like what the **** (what the ****?)
    Jersey that's whassup, Brick City

    ****in with me is a close call out of my crew
    Don't try it I ****in roast why'all, you and your co-stars
    Next up to bat, I done had enough of cats
    Blast tracks like what the **** was that?
    Roz spit rawness
    State to state, hood streets and block corners
    Rhymes hold so much weight, the feds on us
    Lot of *****z didn't want to see me last
    But I won't stop just slow down like Easy Pass
    Back up and give the are room
    Or we gon' brawl worse than cartoons in bar rooms
    In my city they don't pop they collar
    Cats that do, get shot drop and holla
    I'm from the be -are-I, see-K-S
    And my, squad is hot, any beef they bless
    Any, squad that test gon' meet they death
    Ask yourself, do you really need that stress?

    [Shooga Bear]
    Aiyyo, I project my voice so it's right in the crowd
    There's a sign at the door, no bitin allowed
    Plus the blows that I throw bring a light in the sound
    So whoever want the drama I'm invitin them now
    Phenomenal ****, spit 'til my abdominal split
    Plus combined lines so minds demolish a click
    Still burn MC's like Everclear, never fear
    With razor sharp skills so ill they, sever ears
    Hard to the roots a hundred proof with no chaser
    Scarves and some boots a hundred troops with chrome bangers
    Now rock with me, I spray blocks with glock fifties
    Still when I spit I flip like Spock sent me
    And never gave a **** what a rapper grossed
    But if they, brag and boast I'ma clap the toast
    why'all can analyze this, watch me paralyze clicks
    And sabotage why'all, I ain't a fan of why'all ****

    [Double O]
    I'm a nasty *** disease, and now I got ya mouth celibate
    I'm a direct descendant of Hannibal's elephants
    That's word to mother, them damn jokes is over
    You gon' run your mouth like a motor 'til I **** up the rotor
    It's Double O again, still runnin, still gunnin
    It's like I got a cast-iron ****, I'm still cummin
    Talkin that killer **** like you blood raw
    And ain't even did ten minutes in the back of a squad car
    Be big *****z to they weak, I'm true to the streets
    why'all *****z is half-assed like one booty cheek
    I'm (??), why'all is Swiss Miss
    My camp'll make your army pull back like a slipped disc
    It be the Bricks again, with me with them steel rods
    It ain't right unless Shane, Tariq, and Raouf Nayim is involved
    I did ery'thang from robberies to dope
    And why'all just lie about it, like it's a big-*** joke
    Playin like kids, I think you want me to spank you
    Ninety-nine on the charts with a ship anchor on your ankle
    And if you *****z don't like what I say
    I'm in Newark on Market and Hasley e'ry ****in day

    Brick City muh'****a, that's the way it go down *****, slow down *****
    Brick City muh'****a, that's the way it go down *****, sip yo' liquor
    Yo Brick City muh'****a, that's the way it go down *****, slow down *****
    Yo Brick City muh'****a..

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