40 Below Summer Breathless Lyrics

The Mourning After Track Listing
Enhanced CD 1
  • 1 Self Medicate
  • 2 Taxi Cab Confession
  • 3 Rain
  • 4 Breathless
  • 5 Better Life
  • 6 Monday Song
  • 7 F.E.
  • 8 Awakening
  • 9 Alienation
  • 10 A Season in Hell / The Day I Died
  • You believe every word I say and always took the time to understand
    You took my breath away, is that you slipping right through my hands
    Just like a shooting star falling from the sky
    I wait for you to land
    Fly away don't shut me out, 'cause I can't be without you

    Run away come with me, cause I can't be without you
    When I wake up everyday
    I need to know you're not so far away
    Be without you, open your eyes and open your life Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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