Eleanor McEvoy Breathing Hope Lyrics

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I heard music lighting up my darkness
I felt the phrase melt away my sadness
A melody, as potent as wine
I let it sweep me out of my depression
I let it point me in a new direction
Breathing hope on this life of mine

Now who could fail
To let it touch the honesty within them?
And who could help
But be comforted inside?

It took a harmony to heal the bad times
It took a rhythm to release the sunshine
Even then, it took me so long
To break the silence I'd resigned my life to
To break down barriers I'd shut my eyes to
Releasing me from all that was wrong

Now I don't try
To understand the way it moves my spirit
That is why
S'pose I'll never know
How a subtle change of key
Can do these things to me
And make me feel like I feel


Written by: Eleanor Mc Evoy
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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