Sainthood Reps Breath Worth Breathing Lyrics

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Safe and sound, but the silence could kill
I walked down hundred blocks
Past the poor through Central Park
Broken bottles, empty hearts
Turn around…
I’m not going to waste another thought on you
And I’ll pass out on the green confetti
Swirling the streets
Love is in the air and
I can’t find one breath worth breathing
I’m every moment of eye contact
You ever tried to avoid
The unfamiliar place you vaguely remembered
From an uncomfortable dream
This could be my lucky day
Kiss my lips, keep it close
Undress my fears, close my eyes
I feel unwound and overdrawn
When I start to wonder
Were we really beyond repair?
The music stops, life goes on
Another year to not get along
I lost track of myself and
I’m afraid I’ll never find it again

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