Bad Lucc Breaking Bad Lyrics

Bad Lucc
It’s about that time
Diamond Lane
We’re breaking bad

Make that motherfucker turn up
I’m on that breaking bad so I got him
B boy on this bitch, that’s how we rock it
Diamond Lane is the movement, ain’t no plan we be mobbing
I’ll be uptown, talkin touchdown, to this rap game we be robbin
Put my score in the board chalk, we in the lead and that’s no question
Peter lit the match, coming out the trap and now Bad Lucc want that breakfast
I’m tearin these bitches all down, got away with the mic, that boy be flexin
I’ll be all up in the club with a bitch with a hand in my jug, that ain’t no weapon
I be out there with them foolies, jawing erry goddamn mo’nin
iPhone ringing like hell VL in the trap house getting that mail
Get your eyes on my sale though
We ran that train, no rail though
East side nigga don’t fail on, put 60 bands on that Emco
Take heat and don’t clutch your eye
Lame ass nigga don’t fuck with I
D O G in that O T L, we ain’t prayin son so don’t fuck with mine
Make room for the rollers, P O poppin shot holders
A deed is down, shoot mass the crowd, yea that 50 round and it’s over

I’d let ‘em catch up but I couldn’t, that’s how good I is
And let my nigga Peanut jug ‘em, that’s how good I is
I’ve made a name for scraps these raps, got me in outter space
These same raps got me around these grapes, no breakes

We outchea killa shit, grindin we losin
You’da slow it down, and this fugitive
Think clear, nuff with this bruising
I be poppin shit and you crazy, tweak stand so 80’s
Where the world at? Bring the curl back
Talkin rest in peace Big Brazy

I be cookin and they know that
Diamond Lane on my door mat
Snick life on my shoulders, you ain’t been in uptown much – you a poser
I be going bad on these beats, better put a body cast on that logic
I did it for love and I rock it, tell these hoes dope with no profit
Bad Lucc boy, you better praise me
Turn that needle, sucka rave me
Heisenberg got cake like baby
Talk this shit and bullshit don’t say
I’m in tiffle that respect
It never questioned why is 3 stripes over checks

You asked me if I was in the meth business or the money business
Neither, I’m in the empire business

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