Reckless Kelly Break My Heart Tonight Lyrics

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Well I got empty bottles and legal papers wrinkled up all over the floor
My pen won't write and my guitar doesn't have a song in it anymore
Well I can write another love song, yeah, but first you got to find someone to love
I could write another fight song, yeah, but there's got to be something to be proud of and they say

Chorus 1:

Misery love's company, but it damn sure ain't lookin' for me
I'll be alright, I just gotta find someone to break my heart tonight
Going out walkin' on Avenue be and I ain't comin' back until dawn
And find some stranger in a Greenich bar to shower my affection upon
Well maybe she'll stay 'til one fateful day when we realize we've got nothin' left
And maybe I'll find she's messed up my mind and I can get back to doing what I do best and they say

Chorus 1

Well all these A

Written by: Willy Braun

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