DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince Break It Down Lyrics

Is that your new recorder?
Its really neat
If you wanna borrow it you can borrow it anytime you want
That could come in handy
I mean for school work and notes in class
Yeah its kinda tricky so you better be careful
See this button that's what you press when you wanna record
And this button is what you press when you wanna listen to what you recorded
But don't press that button cause I already got some stuff on it
Hear that he's just dying for us to listen to what hes recorded
Should we listen?
Sure that's what he wants

Whats your name?
What you do?
Tru skool emcee
Get it? Got it
Where you from?
Coming straight from adena to the brotherly city (city of brotherly love)
Who you with?
Jazzy jeff p-smoovah myself and me
Flip flavas like el spectacular non stick spatula
Get it?
Well you should
Cause I flapjack tracks hot bottle bubblin
From the surface to the underground
Making people wonder how
Former labels blunded ow
Wishing niggaz stop me now
Sorry did I strike a nerve
Oh well hit the curb (get the curb)
If you wonder which one pick one
I been the one since the last time the knicks won
(Come on man that aint fair half these cats don't even know what you say
And most the other half don't care)
Aight fine
I simplify if you insist
Check it out y'all I'm a break it down like this

77 the knicks one champion credit
I was one years old so now do you get it
What about hit the curb
Yo I'm just giving you a piece of my mind
Eat a dick then I flip you the bird
If you listened to the lyrics more than once you wouldn't a missed them you know
You better have me break it down like this

Jazzy Jeff

Hey yo I transfer thoughts to tracks
To transcend translation
But you call it the kings english
Close but no cubans
Unless you consider the correct kingdom
Cause empires extinguished
(Wait they trying to hard to get it they lookin like they listenin to the full band radio edit
You gave them too much credit thinking they could understand
Flip that old rhyme you kicked in 96 with stan)
Okay I'm the man of the hour 24 times a day
The man of the day 365 out the year
That bullshit you say live is not trying to hear
I don't care if it I pause ya would be rap career (sorry)
In a man of the year contest I run a ?? in a decade
I have the next three locked down
(Wait you lost me again I think I made )a wrong turn at the bend
Break it down in reverse my friend
I'm the man of the year 10 times in a decade
12 months out the year
4 weeks out the month
all days out the week
if the week is still days in amaze
I don't know what the fuck else they wont
Oh yeah
24 in a day that was hourly uh
sixty hourly minutes that is
If you need simple lyrics you can call mother goose
I make dr dre sound like dr seuss
You can think up some dope beats that's what you can do
You can think about red you can think blue
You can think about chronic and think about drink
You can think of 6 4s all the thinks you can think
(Wait wait now they insulted yo they think that you snabbed em)
I aint playing nobody son that wasn't a diss
I'm just saying if you cant handle real emcees
Stick to watching djs break it down like this
Sat one
Spin one
Dirty ice
Soul one
there it is

how do you like your new recorder
its really neat
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