ICP (Insane Clown Posse) Bowling Balls Lyrics

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friends dont come easily and this I know and every time i make one they always say that gotta go

I wanna talk with people and look em in the face I wanna take em home and they can stay at my place.

All the talking I could do I would never lie to you. We take a quick ride, homicide, then i confide in you and i can love you and technically even though your dead youll always be around me cause im keepin your head.

I keep heads on shelves everywhere in my cellar I even own the melon of a dead fortune-teller

The rotten ones I keep up in fat pickle jars and the new ones we lay on the lawn and look at stars

Its illegal i know but so is smokin weed and who the fuck gives a fuck when you have a need

I collect human heads fresh up off the neck face, lips, hair, nose, ears gimme dat

{chorus} faces people know more than names the hair is there and all the brains, your head would mean so much to me... your head would mean so much to me... I wont dis you, you wanna wear a hat? what? how you want your eyelids open or shut? your head would mean so much to me... your head would mean so much to me...

Sometimes I put em in a bowling bag and bring em to work, play with their hair under my desk with my barefoot

They're like stuffed animals all over the bed human heads pam, jennifer, hubert, and ted

I even put one in the shower water comes out the mouth I keep a few around the yard when i feel like goin out

I blow air in the mouth piece and duck tape it shut bring em in the pool and the head will float up

Im not a sicko, yo, though ive had girlfriends I even put their makeup on and take em for a spin

Im not a murderer like that, not really only every Halloween the house do look kinda silly

You know the homeless people that be botherin you for change? almost all of my collection, from there is where they came

Im not insane about it, it's just the world is too crowded and maybe ima do sumthin a mother fuckin bout it


I need some therapy to help me deal with this shit Dr Wigglefarmer I need to make a visit

He told me heads are normal but i gotta brush their teeth so now im brushin four mouths at a time usin my feet

He also told me to keep them from the dog but i already knew that, she chew their faces off and then Dr Wigglefarmer asked me for a couple I went into my bag and gave him two like double trouble

Now I got some therapy i'm feelin much better i'm happy forever me and my craniums together

They all over the house and they roll aorund the floor and if it's got an afro, I use it for a pillow

I admit though I never should've worried anyway I shoot head hoops and don't care what people say

You can ask Dr WIgglefarmer for yourself he's the 3rd head down,top row, 3rd shelf


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