The Killing Moon Bottom Feeder Lyrics

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Hurry at last it's time to break out the knives
And face to face we will confront one another
I've got a point to make
My mind is set I've got a goal to reach
I will not rest until this is said
I hope we die and live to tell about it
What good is your word when all you do is break it?
We will comtinue to fight and waste away the whole night
You're going to act like you don't care if it'll get you anywhere
Deception has always been your best friend
Aren't you supposed to be the bigger one?
The dagger alone facing your big black gun
Ease the hammer back real slow
Press the barrel to my throat
And say there was a time meant for poking fun
It seems this has turned into obsession
It's been overdone, look what I've become
Parasitic leach bottomfeeder, my life is your life
I'm burrowing deeper within your skin
Is too thin to feel a thing
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