Young Buck Born To Be A Thug Lyrics

Daddy when you`re coming home?
I wish i could tell you but i don`t know,If you don`t work,you don`t eat
just be good while im gone
Daddy when you`re coming home?
I`m hustlin i`ll be back in a week
make sure you do your homework and kiss your momma for me
Daddy when you`re coming home?
Don`t ask me no more,i`m about to go
Can i go with you daddy?
Little girl shut my door
Daddy when you`re coming home?
You know i`ll be back i got to,but for now i gotta to do
what i gotta do i love you

(Vers 1)
I know i run these street to much but that`s my life
And for you i trade it all my house,car,my ice
Every night i look at you..I thank god(Thank God)
Knowing you got everything you want and i ain't even got a job
Not to mention this thug life i`m livin
I never let you go sleep in a brick building
The day you was born me and my niggas popped bottles
Fellin in the hospital drunk to going to see my daughter
You already seen the look in my eyes to hear my babygirl cry
The happiest day of my life to see my babygirl smile
It`s a big world now, so you know to take it slow
You don`t need a nigga for nothing your daddy got dough
You gone live where you want to,drive what you want to
As long you are alive you gone do what you want to
I put my life on the line for me and mine
When i leave men she`s saying everytime


(Verse 2)

You think i like spendin nights on the street
I do that,so daddy can keep keep nikes on your feet
See the reason you can`t come in the kitchen, I`m cookin chicken
We can go to the mall and ball soon as daddy finished
Let me take care of my busines for a minute
And anything you want i promise we gonna get it
Can`t wait to see my baby graduate, when that day come
Rolex,baggets,daddy gonna pay for em
Once a man make one,he`ll see the way that i feel
You know that ain`t no gangsta be play shit to real
See kids bring bills you know it cost a lil'
Better keep working or tworking something that kid need meals
I got my baby tattoed on my arm
September 27 is the day she was born
Until i get back just holdin down for pappa...
It's hurtin to my heart everytime to hear you holla...


(Verse 3)

I know what it's like wishin for a daddy
My baby will never grow up livin unhappy
I spend my whole life without my father it bothered me bad
I thank God for my momma she is all i had
A nigga turn to the street to raise me
I dropped outta high school look what it make me
The chances that i never had, my baby gonna have
So if my babygirl is in high school my baby gonna pass
I sitting laugh cause she know that she looks just like me
And me never coming home is highly unlikely
It`s know that evrything i do is ment for me and you
P.s your daddy Young Buck i love you


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