The Effort Born Again Presidency Lyrics

The foundations that our fathers have built
have been destroyed by the own very system,
which they deployed. it's gotten so fucked up,
i don't want to be apart of this anymore.
with these backwards rules where everyday is worse than it was before.
i've grown complacent crossing this sinking sand
when my arms outstretched but no one tries to grab my hand.
In the home of the free and the master plan
to turn us into their own christian promised land.
open minds are all i've ever yearned but still you sit back with no concern.
you think that politics are just a leisure pursuit
but it's this ignorance that's at our problems root.
One of the main things this country
was founded on was the separation of church and state,
and everyday i feel this gap getting a little smaller.
well ill stand up for what i think is right even if i have no one by my side.
I'll speak for myself because no one else will.
we seem to have put too much faith in our elected leaders,
the people we elect to make all of our decisions.
Leaders we've been paying to make the right calls.
we'll perhaps we've been playing too much
because we seem to be taken advantage of.
i don't care if its for my own good
i will never give up my liberties for protected freedom.
i'll speak for myself, we must stand up to be free.

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