Shihad Bone Orchard Lyrics

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Get the sinking feeling
You're behind my head again
And the more I weed, the more it grows
And here I am, hung by my toes
The time spent set in cement
Spent wasting my time
When I could have been pulling it down

It's my release

Held down, entangled
It's a web of my own making
And this desolation's shaking me apart
Build it up, paste it up, stick it up
Stuck up. Fucked. Such a shame
My defences have become my own restrictions

My love
Talk to me
It's a bone orchard
You cast your shadow
On my heart
It's a bone orchard

Churn Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Factory
  • 2 Screwtop
  • 3 Fracture
  • 4 Stations
  • 5 Clapper-Loader
  • 6 I Only Said
  • 7 Derail
  • 8 Bone Orchard
  • 9 The Happy Meal
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