Davion Farris Bombs Away Lyrics

The years never felt bad, I swear it,
I hear the birds singing, not always at fall.
I dont think that I was ready for a crash landing
But Im here now, not turning back at all.

The sun is smiling down on my baby,
My eyes on the fresh eye, the brightest day.
Im certain, this is where Im standing, oh baby,
So when I touchdown imma be okay.

So bombs away, bombs away.
Bombs away, bombs away.

I know life, it seems hard
But just know how good my God is
I did so many shameful things
I didnt want to show my face to sin.

It was bad, but God came around and showed me love again.
Now I know exactly where I wanna be
Forever in his grace until eternity.

So bombs away, bombs away.
Bombs away, bombs away.

I love you,
Before this Im fixing to drop a bomb
Cause music with no mission
Carries children like sucker moms.
To a place where they cant employ their vision
Then they make poor decisions,
50cent choices, enemies of their life.
And police, theyre instigating gang intentions, they crossing lines
And pretend as if theyre really stopping crime.
No, cause little did you know the system makes money off our demands
So we forever playing ketchup, being salts and fries.
Burger on the side, thats what we cant afford.
Spending it independent, so let it off the Lord
Pray that it be argued together and then start a war
Its parody, oppression, aint confessing no one in courts.
Till then Im dropping bombs
Until you villains rapping about nothing, its Vietnam.
Look what lines might give you dimes,
But it hurts when it pays,
Born into a world, no time to play my trick,
Bombs away.

So bombs away, bombs away.
Bombs away, bombs away.

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