The Scabs Bombananza Lyrics

Freebird Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Big Butts & Blow Jobs
  • 2 Baby Put Your Panties On
  • 3 Tarantula
  • 4 Man of the Year
  • 5 Where I'm At
  • 6 So Fresh & So Fine
  • 7 Bombananza
  • 8 Bones
  • 9 I Fucked Your Daughter in the Ass, Boy
  • 10 Bulletproof Bodyrubber
  • 11 Pudding & Cheese
  • 12 Pussy Fever
  • 13 Sloppy Jalopy
  • 14 Pushin' on the Pull Bar
  • 15 You'll Be Mine
  • 16 Who Got the Goodies?
  • When I saw you down at the lido
    It was a hot Saturday night
    You were on fire and I was burning up
    But just one look from you
    And I knew it would be alright

    It was the Bombananza
    Yeah yeah
    The Bombananza
    Oh oh
    It was the Bombananza
    Yeah yeah

    Well the moon was in the ocean
    But the stars were in your eyes
    I thought my heart was lost forever
    But just one kiss from you
    And you brought it back to life

    It was the Bombananza...

    Some call it love some call it amore
    That feeling that comes all over you
    When your heart has come together
    With someone else's heart
    And it'll never come unglued

    That's the Bombananza...

    When she sees you and you see her
    And its love. Love at first sight
    And your heart goes pitter-patter
    It goes boom boom boom boom boom
    Boom all through the night

    That's the Bombananza...

    When the earth begins to tremble
    And the ground begins to shake
    And your heart's so filled with wonder
    When it's so filled with love
    That you think the thing might break

    That's the Bombananza...

    Written by: Adam Temple, Bob Schneider, David Boyle

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