Majority Rule Boeing Lyrics

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You only make the tools for their trade.
But if I give you a mirror,
Can you tell me what you have really made?
Perpetuating circle of fear and consumption
To keep us bound and blind.
We are all afraid of the things,
That we will never see.
Construction. To makes us all believe.
Construction. Turn it off.
We scream. Remember the fate of Deir Yassin.
But we're always the first to forget.
This bomb we call progress.
This bomb is like us men.
Just another form of forced submission.
We are all afraid of the things, that we will never see.
Grand, creative, construction
to make us all believe.
Turn it off! Turn it off!
Lets stop and cross our fingers.
I'm crossing mine.

Emergency Numbers Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 A Prescription
  • 2 It's Too Late
  • 3 American Feature
  • 4 Are Forever
  • 5 49 Words
  • 6 Boeing
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