A Perfect Murder Body and Blood Lyrics

Strength Through Vengeance Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Strength Through Vengeance
  • 2 Black Hate Machine
  • 3 Wake Up and Die
  • 4 Snake Eyes
  • 5 Path of Resistance
  • 6 Deceit of Man
  • 7 Body and Blood
  • 8 Rotten I
  • 9 Suffocation of Thought
  • 10 Time Changes Nothing
  • 11 Slay the Masses
  • Discipline is the blood of life
    Strenght an only friend
    No time for sorry
    It's just time to move on
    I'm the last man

    You don't mean a fuck to me
    Stronger by the hour
    What we had is soured
    Your thoughts ain't shit to me

    Domination come the taste
    The hate I bleed
    I am the new found power
    The drug you bow to
    Your weakness is all you need

    Anti-life for the weak
    No sympathy for the downtrodden
    Will rise above my falls
    And crush the doubters one and all [x2]

    Embrance the fear until the end
    Never tinking about the future
    Never considiring the end
    Your strenght is all you need

    Written by: Carl Bouchard, Yan Chausse
    Lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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