Einstürzende Neubauten Blume Lyrics

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:: chrysantemum ::

for you I'm a chrysantemum
supernova, urgent star

:: astera compositae ::

for you i'll be a dandelion
a thousand flowerettes in the sky
or just a drop in the ocean

if you know my name
don't speak it out
it holds a power - as before

:: liliacea ::

a lily of the valley
a flower of saron

:: helianthus annus ::

for you i even be a sunflower
do you hear my enlightening laughter?
another reason to cut off an ear

you know my name, do you not?
don't say it
for it is sacred, immovable - frozen

:: rosa, anemone et nymphea alba ::

i'll even be a waterlily,
a marygold, a rose
or a little thistle

:: euphorbia ::

a blue dahlia, a black tulip
that's where opinions differ
the scholars disagree

my name, should you know it
remains unspeakable
and is spoken - malediction
Tabula Rasa Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Die Interimsliebenden
  • 2 Zebulon
  • 3 Blume
  • 4 12305(te Nacht)
  • 5 Sie
  • 6 Wüste
  • 7 Headcleaner: I. Zentrifuge — Stabs — Rotlichtachse Propaganda — Aufmarsch / II. Einhorn / III. Marschlied
  • 8 Headcleaner: III. Das Gleissen — Schlacht / IV. lyrischer Rückzug

  • Written by: Alexander Hacke, Andrew Chudy, Blixa Bargeld, F.m. Strauss, Mark Chung

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