A Dead Giveaway Blueprint Lyrics

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You saw me standing there
Wide awake and ready to let go
You thought reality was
At your feet but now the world will know
Can't seem to compromise
The time you've spent has set you far behind
You're lacking judgment now
And I've had enough and now you're out of line

Take my hand
And never let it go
Running from the truth
Won't get you very far

The wrong you've done, the price you'll pay
I hope you figure this out someday
So tell me now, I don't know how
To say it any other way
You can't go on
(knowing this is not the truth)
You can't stay strong

You saw me standing there
Pacing back and forth without regret
I'm losing sleep tonight
For all those things I'm trying to forget
My patience running low
It's hard to keep my mind on what I need
I'm getting closer to the
Things I had intended to receive

I know that, you're sorry
Just face this, the Hard way

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