Aurora Blue Lyrics

EOS Track Listing
  • 1 Aurora Borealis
  • 2 I'll Cry Alone
  • 3 Ethereal Goddess
  • 4 Elyzium
  • 5 Blue
  • 6 Danzing Summer
  • 7 Psychedelic
  • 8 Black Tears
  • 9 Numbed Eyes
  • 10 Childhood Memories
  • the sun glows
    like an inflamed eye
    and blinds our cosmos
    with illuminated beams

    but who cares?

    in faint we slumber
    we don't percieve
    what is happening
    outside these cold walls

    above the (passive) houses
    a young man tries
    to take his life
    by walking the (crossing) line

    (still) the birds are hooding
    for the heated blue
    but they cannot find it
    instead they decline away

    the hazard wind blows cold
    and cover the (animated) skin
    with pain
    while we all pass away
    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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