Vanilla Ninja Blue Tatoo Lyrics

Once upon a life time
The spirits of the dark
Came to kill the beauty
Of our world

Every soul was spell bound
And prisoned into ice
Just shining through
Sad as a blue tatoo

Tears have turned to ice
As a sacrifice
Voices rise
From the age of the ice
To the raging skies
And they exorcise
'Cos on judgement day
We must hide-
we must fight-we must pray
It's a blue tatoo

But the monks of mercy
They prayed for every soul
'Til the sword of fire
Took control

In a crash of thunder
The ice broke into two
And shining through
There was the blue tatoo


You know,down low
There's a light-it's a true-blue tatoo
Just go
Down low
Gotta hide now- gotta fight now-
Gotta save your soul and pray
Gotta break the ice away
Gotta find the true blue tatoo
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