The Charlie Daniels Band Blowing Along With the Wind Lyrics

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The pressure these days isn't easy so they say,
If you're trying to get through this world.
And if you're gonna make it,
Then you've got to live in a hurry.
This world they say may just end any day,
And I know that it possibly could.
But I can't do nothing about it,
So why should I worry.

I grew my hair long and sang a protest song,
And offered myself to this world,
Doing my best in the
Search and the quest for the white dove.
But I always knew I was just passing through,
And the trip has been rocky and long.
And through all the changes,
There's one thing I sure can be proud of.

I'm just blowing along with the wind,
Taking it all in stride,
Thankful for every minute God gives me,
Goin' along for the ride,
Holdin' my woman's hand,
Helpin' out when I can,
Living the one life I own,
One day at a time.

I have lived down in some jerkwater towns,
Where the sidewalks are rolled up by ten.
And I've been a swinger,
And drifted the heart of a big town.
I've had some low rides and walked on the wild side,
And it's all been good in its way.
I've had some high-ole times,
And yeah, I've had some letdowns.

[Chorus: x2]

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