Redman feat. Ready Roc & Method Man Blow Treez Lyrics

Red Gone Wild: Thee Album Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Fire
  • 2 Bak Inda Buildin
  • 3 Put It Down
  • 4 Gimmie One
  • 5 Fuck Ur Opinion (skit)
  • 6 Sumtn 4 Urrbody
  • 7 How U Like Dat
  • 8 Freestyle Feestyle
  • 9 Walk in Gutta
  • 10 Wutchoogonnado
  • 11 Dis Iz Brick City
  • 12 Rite Now
  • 13 Blow Treez
  • 14 Pimp Nutz
  • 15 Mr. Ice Cream Man (skit)
  • 16 Hold Dis Blaow!
  • 17 Get 'Em
  • 18 Merry Jane
  • 19 Gilla House Check
  • 20 No Mo Soopaman Luva (skit)
  • 21 Soopaman Luva 6
  • 22 Soopaman Luva 6 ½
  • 23 Suicide
  • "This should be played at high volume
    Preferably in a residential area"
    Gilla House *****s!
    [Reggea adlib]

    "Want you to know, ya"
    'Round here we blow treez
    'Round here we blow treez
    'Round here we blow treez
    "Can you understand?"
    'Round here we blow treez
    'Round here we blow treez
    'Round here we blow treez

    Hey yo move out, roll in
    Haters out, hoes in
    Walk in the club, low brim
    Hanging out like clothes pins
    I hustle flow/ do my show/ attract women
    Keep that heat and the John Lennon
    Boy you won't catch me arguin'
    Brick City, that's right! Hood down, hands up!
    Red "Lord of the Ring" (clean?), lookin' for that Precious
    I'm talking weed and women, when the trouble come I'm 'bout it
    **** I'd rather get caught with my gun then get caught without it
    It's Gilla House *****, you know we here to smoke
    DJ keep it cool, Reggie let me UH-HAH clear my throat
    When I'm in yo' town man', you better act a fool
    Turn your college dorm to Rodney Dangerfield- Back to School!


    [Ready Roc]
    'Round here we blow treez (blow treez)
    'Til our nose bleed
    Started with a quarter then slowly smoked up a O-Z
    Ready keep it raw like a ***** ordered a whole ki'
    "***** let me hit ya blunt" Nah, you don't know me
    Gilla! Gilla House and Gotti click
    Bang like karate flicks
    Duck when the shotty spit
    Or land in a pile of ****
    Known to make you cowards bleed
    Smokin' on that Sour Dies'
    That cali weed's
    So funky we call it cottage cheese
    I'm in the powered V-12
    Look at all these females
    Jockin' me 'cause of all the records that we sell
    Got them pounds for retail
    Hit me on my email
    And drop bombs dot com, yo who need L's?


    Yo, yo my bud'll do ya
    Method Man constant drug abuser
    Occasional boozer
    And I'm slick as Rick the Ruler
    I piss in the sewer
    Underground man, I spits manure
    Plus make maneuvers
    With Doc/ That sixteen shot/ Ruger
    Is back on your block/ blastin' a shot/ like screw ya
    **** everybody that knew ya
    My dogs are Oogka-Dupa
    They Bark and they bite
    I Darken your life
    Mutha****as slippin' like wearing Gators Walking on ice
    This is New Edition, I'm Hot Tonite
    I spit it right/ ya Gots to like
    Tell Sean Paul I Gots a light
    One in the head, Stop ya life
    Huh, my *****s stay on the block/
    Slingin' them rocks/ until the Cops (indict?)
    Ya heard

    [Reggae adlib]

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