Schoolyard Heroes Blood-Spattered Sundress Lyrics

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Ok, let's see, I guess that I'll be brief
It seems I've come to hate your guts
When did you become a girl so thoroughly
So g______ thoroughly stuck-up

I know I'm not as smart as you
But you must accept
That I'm not f___ing dumb
Don't care about your chemistry
Don't need your pointless trivia
Pursuing me to twist my tongue

From enemies to friends
It seems this friendship's reached its end
From enemies to friends
I've started hating you again

Ok, let's see, I guess that I'll be brief
You're f___ing boring as a book
It seems to me your big mouth can't shut up
Never realized how dumb you look


You're not a sophist
Just a text-savvy brat
No one's told you different
You'll go on thinking that


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