Olive Blood Red Tears Lyrics

Extra Virgin Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Miracle
  • 2 This Time
  • 3 Safer Hands
  • 4 Killing
  • 5 You’re Not Alone
  • 6 Falling
  • 7 Outlaw
  • 8 Blood Red Tears
  • 9 Curious
  • 10 You Are Nothing
  • 11 Muted
  • 12 I Don’t Think So / You’re Not Alone (demo)
    CD 2
  • 1 Miracle (Monkey Mafia remix)
  • 2 You’re Not Alone (Oakenfold and Osborne remix)
  • 3 You’re Not Alone (Matthew Roberts Cloud 10 remix)
  • 4 You’re Not Alone (Ganja Kru remix)
  • 5 Outlaw (Roni Size remix)
  • Lighten up,
    Give it up
    I see a chance to make it up
    There's a price for every day
    You've just thrown away
    I am all I ever was
    Didn't change the way I was
    Get a grip,
    Button it
    Cool down,

    Couldn't you find her?
    Examine your head
    Here's a reminder,
    Blood red tears were shed
    Didn't you need her?
    Examine your head
    Will you remember?
    Blood red tears were shed

    You dispose, I oppose
    Couldn't you resist a go
    You applaud your reward
    I sit here alone
    You agree to comfort me
    Every day I try to leave
    End of feud,
    Your attitude
    Worn there on your sleeve


    They tell me to go,
    I lie that I know,
    He cries so unkindly


    Written by: Robin taylor-Firth, tim kellett
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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